Game Ecosystem
April 2022 | Whitepaper v1.0 | Developed by Galactic Games
Our goal is to develop a circular token economy that does not rely on speculative value and is self-sustaining throughout market cycles.
Game Ecosystem

Key Highlights

  • Metaverse destination for our holders and the broader Solana & multi-chain communities;
  • Skill-based PvP-to-Earn reward pools;
  • Chaotic modes with luck-based power-ups;
  • Wager matches with winner-takes-all $GOONS;
  • Entertaining gameplay across different game genres;
  • Social utility with team-based PvP and in-game guilds;
  • Competitive tournaments with prize pools funded by in-game transaction taxes; and
  • Creative opportunities for player-generated content and independent content creators.
Galactic Games
Galactic Armoury
Galactic Marketplace
Hall of Fame
Metaverse Destination - Expressions of Interest
Our vision is to offer a metaverse destination for external projects and offer a seamless integration where possible to enhance user experience.
The integration of any external projects may require co-development with our team - e.g. customised branded 3D assets.
Please kindly register your interest by completing this form if you would like to reserve a destination in our metaverse or discuss potential partnerships.
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