Project Highlights
April 2022 | Whitepaper v1.0 | Developed by Galactic Games
Galactic Goons is well-positioned to offer a confluence of gaming and investment thematics to attract a broad but targeted community base. Our target market includes casual gamers, professional gamers, content creators, live-stream spectators, NFT holders, token holders, DeFi enthusiasts and other crypto natives.
We recognise that the blockchain and gaming industries are innovating at a rapid pace with innovators and early adopters capitalising on market opportunities.
Our plan is to focus on tactical opportunities as they arise to ensure we can capitalise on emerging trends and thematics for the long-term benefit of our community.

Gaming Highlights

  • PvP Gaming Metaverse – offering a variety of competitive gaming genres, such as shooting, combat, racing and arcade party games, to cater for gamers of different skill sets.
  • AAA Game Development – our aim is to develop a AAA gaming experience. We are currently working behind the scenes to create a proof of concept game demo to showcase during our token investor roadshow.
  • eSport Tournaments – hosting eSport tournaments with financial rewards incentivises professional gamers to master our gameplay and offers spectators an engaging entertainment platform.
  • Galactic Guilds - in-game communities to boost the social and competitive elements of the game by promoting fun and competition.
  • Skill-Based Gameplay – our gameplay will be easy to learn but hard to master to ensure accessibility for gamers of all skill levels. Skill-based PvP also ensures that the game will not be at risk of becoming pay-to-win.
  • Free-to-Play – generic Goons (i.e. no traits) will be introduced to offer "try before you buy" incentives to our gaming metaverse. However, non-holders will have restrictions on play-to-earn mechanics and limited access to reward pools.

Blockchain Highlights

  • GameFi – partner integration of DeFi offerings such as in-game DEX/CEXs, NFT/token staking and lending.
  • PvP-to-Earn - trustless transactions (i.e. no intermediaries) governed by smart contracts and immutable on the blockchain ledger.
  • NFT Utility – decentralised asset ownership of NFTs with in-game utility. Goon avatars will be fully rigged 3D models in our Galactic metaverse with equipable trait customisation. All NFTs will be tradeable in our in-game Galactic Marketplace or on external secondary exchanges.
  • Token Utility – listed cryptocurrency which will act as a medium of exchange, store of value and unit of account for all in-game wagering, marketplace transactions and rewards.
  • Circular Economy – sustainable and self-sufficient NFT and token economy via inflationary mechanisms, deflationary mechanisms, velocity controls (e.g. staking) and circular re-investment of in-game taxes (i.e. no leakage to project developers).
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