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Our Brand

The Goon Life is about wreaking havoc in the metaverse with a chaotic twist on social hubs, and the development of a PvP-to-Earn gaming franchise.

Our Vision

The project is being developed by a global team that share a vision of delivering an original gaming franchise that harnesses the synergies of traditional gaming, blockchain infrastructure and metaverse growth to offer a unique gaming experience with a circular token economy that is self-sustaining throughout the market cycles and does not rely on speculative value.
Our job as developers is to foster and grow the in-game metaverse by overcoming common problems such as player barrier to entry, reliance on speculative value, P2E free-riders and the token utility problem.
We also want to offer a truly engaging platform that can facilitate community-initiated governance and game expansion.

Game Introduction

Galactic Goons pitches a genesis collection of 7,500 playable Goon avatars against each other in an immersive NFT-based PvP-to-Earn gaming hub powered by Solana and Unreal Engine 5.
Our inspiration to unleash these Goons of Fortune stems from our love of gaming, sci-fi and classic gangster heist movies.


Our roadmap aims to build and integrate multiple PvP gaming formats to develop a metaverse gaming hub.
The core foundation is a modular open-world social hub that players can explore with their Goon avatars before we expand into real estate, marketplaces, armouries, vehicles and new environments.
Once the metaverse lobby is live, Galactic Games will focus on launching fun and competitive PvP arenas across shooter, combat, racing and arcade genres.

Utility Gaming Token

Players will be able to PvP-to-earn $GOONS tokens from daily reward pools based on play time, total wins, total losses, kills and other leader board statistics.
The tokens in these reward pools are funded from transactional taxes across wagering, rental income, marketplace purchases and sponsorships (100% of which are re-invested back into the Galactic ecosystem).
Individual players, teams or DAOs can also compete in wagered matches by staking $GOONS in each match across various formats settled on-chain via smart contract integration.

Expansive Gaming Metaverse

Galactic Games is not just home to the Galactic Goons.
We are aiming to build a gaming library and metaverse destination for other P2E games to broaden their player base.
Character expansions may also be offered to DAOs interested in leveraging our gaming infrastructure to offer PvP utility to their own community.

Crypto Natives to Mass Adoption

Our initial target market is crypto natives. Although mass adoption is critical to scaling GameFi, we believe it is important to lay the foundations with a captive crypto community before mainstream transition.

Solana to Multi-Chain

As Solana natives, we are launching Galactic Goons on home ground. However, our long-term vision is to go galactic with multi-chain compatibility to evolve into a universal PvP-to-Earn GameFi metaverse.
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