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April 2022 | Whitepaper v1.0 | Developed by Galactic Games
This whitepaper may be revised at any time at the sole discretion of the developer. Any updates may contain information that may override, clarify, or contradict earlier drafts. Please refer to the "last modified" footer to check when this whitepaper was last updated.
The information is provided for discussion purposes only and must not be construed as investment advice. Any information communicated by the developers are not intended to be comprehensive or final. In particular, game development and blockchain development is a fluid process and remains subject to matters beyond the reasonable control of the developer.
The developers' ability to execute the roadmap presented in this whitepaper remains subject to sufficient funding. The roadmap may change subject to market conditions, emerging trends, advances in technology, etc. This flexibility is critical to ensuring the long-term success of the project to become one of the core gaming pillars of the blockchain community.
Tokens do not constitute financial instruments or securities and confer no legal rights to the owner. In addition, the regulatory framework and tax regime applicable to tokens may not be defined to date in your jurisdiction.
For the avoidance of doubt, this whitepaper does not constitute an offer or solicitation to exchange, swap, sell or buy, any securities or tokens. This whitepaper is not a contract and is not capable of acceptance. The developers are not liable for any direct or indirect losses you may incur from interacting with any stakeholders involved in this project. The developers can not be held accountable or liable for any force majeure events. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, the developer's maximum liability is limited to $0.
Any transfer of the tokens described in this whitepaper to a digital wallet is regarded as an exchange, swap or gift for another token and should not be deemed as an "investment", "sale" or "purchase". The tokens described in this whitepaper must not be exchanged, swapped or gifted for traditional fiat currency such as the United States dollar.
No guarantee is given regarding the liquidity of any tokens described in this whitepaper, the existence of any secondary markets for said tokens, the value of the tokens nor any exchange value of said tokens in legal currency.
You will be deemed to have:
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    Read and acknowledged the above Legal Disclaimer;
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    Understood that the developers of Galactic Goons have no legal and/or fiduciary relationship/duties to you;
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    Undertaken your own independent research and sought expert advice from experienced and reputable investment advisors, tax advisors and legal counsel;
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    Confirmed that you are not based in a jurisdiction where exchanging, swapping, buying, trading and/or owning any of the tokens described in this whitepaper would be prohibited or restricted in any manner by any regulatory and/or government authority;
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    Waived any and all rights to take any class action or commence any litigation against any stakeholders involved in the development of this project; and
  6. 6.
    Understood that, despite our best efforts, there can still be exploits, risks and/or scams.
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